A Traveling Date to Glacier National Park

Savanna & Dylan visited Northwest Montana in late August 2023. Savanna had contacted me months before the trip to schedule a Couples Session in Glacier National Park with me. I did all the planning with her for locations, outfits, time of day, etc... it was going to be perfect! With both of them having traveled here from Ohio, spending a week in Glacier National Park, hiking on the trails, and seeing the sights was the perfect date week for these two!

It was a warm August night, the sun was out creating gorgeous lighting. There was some smoke in the air from wildfires in the area, but it gave a romantic haze to the photos (in my opinion). We started the session at a local park just outside of Glacier. It had spacious grassy fields, mountain views into Glacier National Park, and surrounded by mature trees. Working with these two was easy, they were so comfortable to give prompts to, and you could really tell they had a connection.

Couple standing on dock at Lake McDonald, him behind her while he kisses her face.

"Let's not jump in the lake... "

For the second portion of the session, Savanna wanted to get photos taken at the iconic Lake McDonald, so off we went!! We started on the dock, getting lots of playful and movement photos. They were both warmed up to me and the camera at this point so it was flowing nicely. We were nearing our time together when I had a suggestion of them playfully jumping off the dock together as the "last pose" for the session. Savanna was completely on board... Dylan was like, "Let's not jump in the lake..." with minimal excuse as to why. It was a slightly strange response as it was a warm night and they had other clothes with them, but Savanna shook it off and we migrated off the dock.

Savanna still wanted to play in the water, so we moved onto the rainbow rocks of Lake McDonald and they had a water fight about 20 feet offshore. During the end of Summer, the water levels are much lower in Glacier. These two splashed water at each other and ended with a drenched romantic kiss. I prompted them to then finish up and walk towards me on the shore for goodbyes.

Couple dip-kissing while standing in lake McDonald
Couple having a water fight in Lake McDonald

Proposal in Glacier National Park

Unbeknownst to both Savanna and I, Dylan started reaching into his pocket before moving... I questioned to myself, "What is he doing?" and then it quickly dawned on me... HE'S PROPOSING!!! I remained where I was and started snapping photos as quickly as I could. Dylan knelt down right there in Lake McDonald and asked Savanna to marry him! She, of course, said YES! As they made their way back to the shore where I was, Dylan ran over to grab his phone (he sneakily set it up without Savanna or me catching on) and showed us the replay of the proposal. It was an exciting moment for sure, I am so grateful to have been present for this surprise proposal!

If you plan on proposing in Glacier National Park and want to have it documented for your partner (I highly recommend it, they will be so impressed and love you for it), feel free to reach out a few months before your trip, or whenever you start planning to hear my availability and current pricing. I only take on a few proposal sessions each year, so don't miss out. Savanna herself, mentioned in her Google Review, "I couldn’t recommend Jennifer more! Jennifer made our whole session so fun and she captured our engagement. I love our photos." Fill out the Contact Form on my website to get in touch and start planning!

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