Choosing the Location for Your Engagement Photos

A lot goes into consideration when choosing the ideal location for your engagement session. You need to factor in; When you'll be traveling here and want your photos done, how much time you'll have for your session, season and time of day for your session.

Glacier National Park offers a variety of locations to choose from. I often ask my clients what their priority is for the background of their photos; mountains, lake, river, waterfall, fields, forest, etc and build out a timeline for our session. When choosing locations during the session I have to consider avaiable parking, how many people are at the location and can we get the photos we need with them there, what time of day it is and where the sun is located, and also what the weather is doing during their session. Hiring a seasoned professional like myself, reaps rewards when you have to pivot during your session for whatever the reason and I know just the place to go instead.

Below a just a few of my favorite spots to take clients during their engagement session in Glacier National Park, check them out to see why I love these spots so much! As a local and nature lover, my one request is that you always practice Leave No Trace principles when recreating in Glacier National Park, everyone wants to enjoy this place and we want to leave it in pristine condition!

Big Bend, Glacier National Park

Why I love this location: It's BREATHTAKING! When clients tell me they are traveling from out of state and want "mountains" in the background, this is often the image they have in their heads! With sweeping vistas, drastic mountains, and easy access (just a short walk from the road), what more could you want!? I recommend hitting this location around 2 hours before sunset for the best lighting!

Going-to-the-Sun Road, Glacier National Park

Why I love this location: The Going-to-the-Sun road is nearly 50 miles long from West Glacier, all the way to East Glacier. With various pull-outs along the road, you're bound to find a location that has everything you want. There are lake stops, overlooks, tunnels, river access, and so much more. When you see a spot you like, jump out to get pictures there!!

Flathead River, West Glacier

Why I love this location: It's a bit more secluded, especially during the off-season. There are a variation of photos you can take from one general location, incuding a walking path, on the bridge, and down near the river. Such a beautiful year round!

Recently Engaged and Traveling to Northwest Montana?

Allison and Jake visited Glacier during August of 2023, peak visiting season. The weather is amazing, the road closures are minimal, and recreational activites are endless! You can see more of their engagement session if you keep scrolling. Interested in booking your own engagement session in Glacier National Park, just fill out the contact form on my website about 4-5 months prior to your visit to hear about my current pricing and availability.