Recently Engaged? Congrats, I am so excited to hear about the proposal! The best way to share the news is with a photo session. Picture this... up close shots of that sparkly new ring, you and your partner in a stunning backdrop, and having the most epic date night. So pick out your favorite outfits, plan a trip to Montana (June-October are some of the best months to visit the area), and call me to help you plan the session of your dreams!

Tips For Planning Your Engagement Session

So, you've never planned an engagement session and need some help? Don't worry, I am here to help!! I get to photograph couples every season in Montana and it brings me joy to assist you in planning for your session. Here are some of my favorite tips I can provide to ease your anxiety and make the day perfect!

  • Outfits | Plan to wear two outfits during your session. Bring a casual outfit and a "dressed up" outfit. Casual can be jeans and your favorite top or it can be a skirt, crop top, and jacket. A dressy outfit can be a summer dress or a jumpsuit, think outside of the box! If one outfit is more of your style, that's okay too! Just make sure you're comfortable with whatever you choose to wear.
  • Season | Picking the right season is important. Montana can provide a wide range of colors based on the season. Spring brings browns, blues, and a hint of fresh green. Summer brings lots of greens and blues and colorful flowers. Fall is full of blues, greys, oranges, and golden yellow. Winter is lots of white, blues, and greys. I am a HUGE fan of Summer & Fall in Montana. The engagement session on this blog was taken in early October.
  • Activities | Your engagement session doesn't just have to be photos of you two together doing cutesy poses. You can incorporate a simple activity to elevate your session. This can include bringing along a small picnic, your favorite beverage, or renting a canoe to paddle around on Lake Mcdonald. Glacier Outfitters has the perfect canoe to remember your trip and photos with, linked HERE :)
  • Posing | So you don't know what to do with your hands? Yea... I feel the same way when I get my photos done. Don't stress, I will guide you along seamlessly through prompts and simple poses. Sometimes I ask you to walk around like an airplane to make you both giggle... I promise you'll love this one!

Hopefully, you've found some of these tips helpful in planning out your session. The best part of choosing me to document your engagement session is that you get a seasoned photographer, whos well knowledged of the area and I bring an energetic personality that will guide you through your session.

Couple walking along lake McDonald, girl sitting on guys shoulders. Couples engagement session.

So, Let's Do The Dang Thing... Right?!

The next part is simple, if you're interested in booking your Glacier National Park Engagement session with me, reach out to me 4-5 months in advance to hear my availability and current pricing. Fill out the Contact Form on my website (don't skimp on the details, I love hearing about how you envision your dream session) and wait for my reply. I typically get back to emails within 48 hours, faster during the slow season. I can't wait to hear from you and be your Glacier National Park Photographer!