Fiery Love at Diamond Beach

Back in August of 2022, I had the opportunity to travel to Iceland and photograph elopements in the beautiful land of fire and ice. I had never been to Iceland in the past, so this was such an experience for me! For this elopement, Darin and Leah put on their original wedding attire (they were already married) and we explored Southeast Iceland for the day. Diamond Beach (Eystri-Fellsfjara) and Glacier Lagoon (Jökulsárlón) were the locations on our list to photograph at that day. The weather was expected to be cloudy with a chance of rain, it ended up being a pretty decent day for the most part. Our time started at Glacier Lagoon, these icebergs were absolutely breathtaking. I admire Leah for being such a badass braving the cold weather and taking off her jacket for most of the photos. They were naturally a breeze to photograph, easily flowing from prompt to pose.

After Glacier Lagoon, we stopped in the parking lot to get the famous fish & chips everyone talks about online, YUM!! we made our way over to Diamond Beach. The Beach is called this because the ice chunks that make their way ashore look like diamonds amongst the black sandy beach. At this location, the rain started to come down a bit, but we persisted. After spending about 30-40 minutes on the beach taking photos, the rain began to come down in sheets, so we ran back to the vehicles. Even though I was wearing a poncho... I was soaked. Iceland weather is NO JOKE!

We began to head back to the Airbnb and saw this pull off on the side of the road. It was absolutely stunning with the gorgeous mountains, misty clouds, and lush green backdrop. We quickly parked and ran out to a rocky area. Leah & Darin said their vows here and celebrated their love with a champagne pop and some dancing in the solitude of Iceland. It was simply perfect... and them!

Couple in Wedding attire at Blue Lagoon in Iceland
Couple in Wedding attire at Diamond Beach in Iceland

Tips for Eloping at Blue Lagoon and Diamond Beach in Iceland

If you're planning to have your elopement on the Southeastern coast of Iceland, there are a few things you should know ahead of time and plan accordingly.

Lodging: Choose a rental in the Hofn area or near Vik. I personally recommend the Hrifunes Nature Park rentals on Airbnb. I had the chance to stay here and it's pretty spectacular. With vast views and a wood-fired hot tub... you'll enjoy the experience. Complete with an indoor sauna and a plethora of windows to view the outdoors, this place is somewhere you don't want to sleep on.

Driving: Depending on the month of travel, you may want to consider a 4x4 or AWD vehicle for your transportation. The roads are pretty well maintained unless you plan on off-roading. Also, watch out for the sheep!

Time of year: I recommend visiting Iceland between the months of June and September if you want the best chances for optimal weather. However, if you're in search of the northern lights, try visiting September through December.

Plan your activities: Iceland is quickly becoming a popular spot for visitors all over the world. What this means for you, you may want to consider booking those activities in advance if you can. Boat tours, hot springs visits, ice cave tours, etc. can be booked out quickly, so if it's a must-do itinerary activity, plan ahead!

Picking your vendors: The Southeastern coast isn't a hugely populated area, so finding vendors for cake and flowers might be a challenge. You will have better luck finding vendors in the Reykjavik area and bringing your cake/flowers with you on your drive to the Southeastern area of the island. Check out Pastel Bloom Studio in Reykjavik for florals and 17 Sortir in Reykjavik for custom cakes for your elopement day.

Need to Hire an Elopement Photographer for Iceland?

Of course, if you're still in search of an elopement photographer to capture your elopement day in Iceland, I'd love to chat more with you and discuss your vision for your dream elopement day and see if we'd be a good fit for each other. Hiring a photographer who's been to the island and is familiar with locations is a perk when eloping in a foreign country. Feel free to fill out a contact form on my website about 6-12 months from your anticipated elopement month so we can plan ahead for the trip! I can't wait to help document your magical Iceland elopement!

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