Hiking isn’t the only outdoor activity for your adventure elopement! In fact, here in Montana, there are plenty of options that still let you soak in the landscape, chase an adrenaline rush, and create a truly unique wedding experience. You don’t have to be big hikers to add some adventure to your day. Let me prove it to you!
adventure elopement in Montana
adventure elopement in Montana
adventure elopement in Montana

Have you started planning your adventure elopement? I first want to share a tip with you that is so useful in the early stages of your planning process. Ask yourselves, “What do we actually enjoy doing? Is there something we’ve been dreaming of doing together? Do we have an outdoor activity that is sentimental to us?” That’s where you should start. 

Okay, so now do you have a few ideas? Great! It’s time to research! But take a look at some of my favorite adventure elopement alternatives to hiking in Montana below. If you’re lucky, I’ve already done the research for you. At the very least, they’ll show you what is truly possible for your wedding day.

5 Hike-Free Adventure Elopement Ideas in Montana

1 - Hit the lake!

If you and your partner are water people, Montana is full of incredibly clear lakes with mountain views that you won’t want to miss. Grab a kayak and head out on Flathead Lake after saying ‘I Do’ at a cozy AirBnb nearby. Or if you eloped in Glacier National Park, there is nothing more iconic than Lake McDonald in West Glacier. Take some time to float out on the water and soak in being freakin’ married!

Where to rent your kayaks: Sportsman & Ski Haus | Glacier Outfitters 

Pro tips: Don’t forget to get your kayaks or marine gear inspected for use in Glacier National Park! You can check out all of the information on that here.

adventure elopement in Montana

2 - Ditch the crowds and hit the trails!

No, not the hiking trails... Take the adventure level up a notch with a 4x4! Glacier National Park is surrounded by beautiful national forests where you explore Montana while zipping around on side-by-sides. Pair it with a camping elopement and just think of how intimate and stunning it could be! Exchanging vows away from the crowds of GNP and ending your night with a sunset by the campfire. Sounds pretty adventurous to me! But as always, keep the Leave No Trace principles in mind while exploring Montana. Essentially, leave the land as you found it, pack it out, and don’t be a jerk!

Where to rent your 4x4s: Northwest Montana Adventure | Action Rentals MT

outdoor wedding adventure in Montana

3 - Elevate your adventure elopement with some ziplining!

This is a great option for the whole family if you’re having a few guests at your elopement. Vendors, too! Why not explore Montana’s gorgeous forests from the treetops? Get your first adrenaline rush by marrying the love of your life and then zipline into your greatest adventure together yet — a life together! Just don’t forget your water and sunscreen, it can get sunny up there! 

Where to book your zipline: Glacier Zip Lines | Whitefish Mountain Resort 

💡Ceremony idea: Have your ceremony at Whitefish Mountain resort with your family and friends then head to Hellroaring Saloon & Eatery when you are done! All of the fun in one place and a beautiful location for your elopement.

outdoor wedding adventure in Montana

4 - Is your partner quite the catch?

Then a fly fishing adventure elopement is for you! The Flathead River is an epic spot for fly fishing with no shortage of scenic views. If you’re envisioning something truly unique, why not get married during a private fly fishing tour on the river? Or you can have a quiet moment with your love on the river bank, just the two of you. This would be ideal for an elopement with just you and your partner. But if even if you plan an intimate wedding, you could always add fly fishing as an activity for the group after your ceremony! Because, why not

Where to book your fly fishing excursion: Lakestream Fly Shop | True Water Fly Shop

outdoor wedding adventure in Montana

5 - Float your way into forever!

That’s right, everything is better on a pontoon boat. If you are thinking about an adventure elopement with a laid-back, vacation vibe,  this idea is for you! Pack a picnic, a cooler of your favorite beverages, throw in your bathing suits, and don’t forget some tubes for a post-ceremony float! Say your vows in the middle of a lake and then party the day away with your friends and family. And then invite me to photograph it because I want in on this one!! 

Where to rent your boat: Flathead Boat Rental | Old Faithful Watersports in BigFork

Vendor recommendation: If you are looking to upscale your boat picnic, I can’t recommend Graze Montana enough! Their charcuterie boards are out of this world and make the perfect snack for any elopement in Montana! Check out their Instagram to inquire! 

outdoor wedding adventure in Montana

There you go! Five hike-free adventure elopement ideas for Montana! 

But wait...

I can’t leave out some winter elopement excursions! After all, while Montana has incredibly warm, fun summers, there is something magical about these mountain valleys in the winter time. So just for an added bonus, here are my top two winter adventure elopement suggestions if you and your partner are fans of the snow!

outdoor adventure elopement in Montana

6 - A doggone epic elopement!

Suit up and head out to explore on dog sleds. Seriously, how cool would it be to glide through snow-covered trails tucked into a dog sled with your partner and end the day at a cozy hotel soaking in a hot tub? In Montana, it’s not only possible, but absolutely encouraged. 

Where to book: Dog Sled Adventures Montana  

💡Elopement idea: Book your dog sledding adventure and bring along a thermos with cocoa (plus some peppermint schnapps yum!) for a quiet moment to warm up with your partner after the excursion. Then head to the Firebrand Hotel in Whitefish for a romantic, quiet evening soaking in the Montana winter magic.

outdoor adventure elopement in Montana

7 - Hop on a snowmobile!

If the dogs weren’t fast enough for you, maybe a snowmobile elopement will do the trick! If you are really up for an adventure, why not spend half of your day zooming across the snowy trails of the backcountry of Montana. A truly unique way to experience its beauty during the colder months. After your ride take a bit to warm up and then exchange your vows in an intimate ceremony. Let the romance continue with dinner at Whitefish Lake Lodge, you won’t regret it! 

Where to rent the snowmobiles: Northwest Montana Adventures | Snowmobile Whitefish

Pro tip from a native Montanan: Buy a battery pack warming jacket or a vest for your snowmobile adventure elopement. It gets COLD here during the winter months and you’ll be happy you did.

Unique, accessible, and fun options do exist outside of the hiking world. I hope these seven adventure elopement ideas for Montana got you thinking out-of-the-box for your elopement planning! Your wedding day can truly look however you want it to look.

So plan as much fun and adventure as you want! If you’re looking for someone to capture it all, don’t hesitate to reach out here! I’d love to help you plan the best day ever.