The Barker Family

I just love when I get bookings for new families, and you wind up knowing them somehow... and in my case working with her! Louise booked a session weeks ago, and we found through talking that were actually connected by our workplace. I thought my workplace was small, but apparently its a little bigger than I had imagined. So glad we found our connection.

As I drove to Whitefish this afternoon, I couldn't help but notice how the cloud line was continuously dropping. I sent Lousie a message, "I think were going to have a snowy session!" She responded with, "I'm Glad!!" The weather did just that, snowed. It was perfect, the cloud cover brought a little warmth... and fresh snow is always a little magical to me.

We met at Les Mason State Park and found the perfect spot for family pictures. The kids, well Nick, ran around and got some energy out. I prompted Louise and Tom, and they surprised me with a "dip" pose... so romantic. It was such pleasure hanging out with this family for an hour, sometimes it just feels like you could hang out all afternoon. Check out some images from their session below!