Schlegel Extended Family

We're just going to start with one thing... Brrrr! I think the temp was between 1-6º for our session with windchill. Although the sun was peeking through and causing the most GORGEOUS morning light... I was chilled to the bone. Hand warmers in pocket, we went for it! We tackled small groupings and only had the kids out for 5-10 minutes at a time, before going back inside to warm up.

I didn't realize it at the initial booking, but I knew the family when I arrived. I went to high school with Gaylon, so its always refreshing when you get to the house to photograph people and learn that you have a connection.

This family was the absolute sweetest, and the kiddos were so darn amazing and took the cold like champs. We finished our session, faster than planned (thanks to the weather) and came out with some beautiful images.

Enjoy ❤️