Meeting a new family

Sometimes when I get booked by a new family, it's also nerve-wracking to me. I understand it from the client's perspective (I've been there!) and know what it's like walking into your photo session wondering how it's going to go with a stranger photographing you. For me as the photographer, I want nothing more than for you to have the best experience. I want you to walk out of your session excited to see your images. I want you to know that I've captured some gorgeous images and that you'll want to show them off to ALL your family and friends.

A new photographer/family is like an interview. Will we be a good fit for each other? Will they come back to me? Will they refer me to their friends and family?

I feel like I've been blessed in photography to meet some stellar families who are right up my alley. For example the Callahan Family. They recently booked me for my mini sessions and I couldn't be more thankful. Their family was AMAZING! The kids were all stinkin' adorable, especially the youngest (and boy did he know it 😉). I walked away from their session with the feeling of gaining new friends. It's amazing what bond people can form in the small window of just 30 minutes.

Ways to Prepare Your Family For a Mini Session

If there is any advice I can provide to a family prior to a mini session, it to prepare for one. They are not the same as a full family session, meaning your time must be used efficiently and effectively. A few helpful ways to plan for your session include this:

  1. Make sure the kids are well-rested. Whether this means a full night's sleep the night before or a cat nap before, it makes a huge difference with how kids will cooperate during a short session.
  2. Have the kids arrive with a full tummy. A proper meal can mean your kiddo has no hunger pangs and a hangry attitude during the session. I also recommend that the parents bring the kids a snack (thing fruit snacks, goldfish, or honey Grahams), just in case!
  3. Show up early! Ten minutes early means you can fix those hair snaff-oos, straighten outfits, tuck shirts, and tie shoes. All these little fixes can cut into your already short amount of slotted time. Remember, that a family is likely scheduled after yours, so being timely is important.
  4. Curb your expectations. This one is important because some families expect a "full sessions" amount of poses and variety during a mini session. Something to discuss with your photographer prior to the session is what types of poses can be expected. Remember that your photographer will try to provide a good variety to choose from, but no poses are guaranteed.

Take a peek at this gorgeous family below ❤️