Truman Family

I can't stress enough how much I love photographing old friends and their families. I have always been one of those friends who can go long periods of time in my life without talking to people and can pick back up right where we left. I am a firm believer that people come into your life for phases, periods, to help you grow, and make changes.

I've known Mandi since high school, we took many classes together, including Spanish. We had Spanish names; Carmen & Sofia. These names come in handy down the road in our friendship. Mandi and I both had stints of college at Flathead Valley Community College, lived together at various times in our college careers and hung with the same crowds at certain points in our lives.

Once, we adopted some Beta fish. We had them in this half-bowl like contraption that hung from the wall. We were proud Beta parents. We named them based off of our Spanish names from high school... Somen & Carmia. They died not too long after we got them if I remember right? I have never owned a fish since.

Mandi and I have since grown into adults, living the adult life. We have our own small families, and even though we live just 75 miles apart, I admit that we really do need to hang out more. Sometimes life gets busy and you get into a rut of patterns and schedules. So when dear friends book photo sessions with me and joke that they have "to pay me to see me" it puts into perspective just how busy I have become with two jobs.

Until next time, enjoy these sweet images below. Mandi, Diane, & Yahra really stole the show.