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Imagine this, you just had your sweet baby and you want nothing more than to get home and start soaking up all this precious time with your newest addition. You hire a photographer to come to your home in the following days to document newborn photos in a way that represents your family, intimate interactions and all in the comfort of your home. The Matarazzo family wanted just that, photos that reflect their personalities, a reflection of their home they live in, and including their dog, Hattie.

They reached out to me (Hey, I'm Jenn and I love photographing in-home newborn sessions) a few months before they were due, planned a maternity session and an in-home newborn session. I love these types of sessions, as I am typically pretty hands off. Meaning, you and your partner will be doing most of the handling of your little one. We of course, pick a tentative date, but the actual date of the session will move based on when you have your little one. I drove out to their home to find them in comfy clothes and ready for photos.

It was great seeing this family for a second time, having already built a rapport together, the session went smoothly from start to finish. Their little one, Baby L, was mostly sleepy during the session. When this happens, I let the family love on their little one and admire their features and I move about capturing the scene. If you have pets that you want to be involved, we invite them in for pictures as well! The best part about lifestyle photos is that I will guide you in where to stand/sit/lay around your home and give small prompts on things to do, but the rest is based on pure natural reactions and engagement with your little one.

mom and dad holding infant newborn baby in a blue onesie

Newborn Photography with Family

Often times, clients will sometimes ask, "Why should we do the photos at home vs at the hospital?" I love explaining the benefits to these sessions and am greeted with excitement when clients hear how amazing an in-home lifestyle newborn session can be! Below I'll share some of my favorite benefits to choosing to have your newborn photos taken at home in the comfort of your personal space.

  1. Comfort and Familiarity: This is a given. Hospital environments can often feel sterile and not so inviting for many people. Choosing to do the session in your home environments allows for you to feel familiar to the environment and therefore more relaxed. This allows for more natural and authentic interactions to evolve.
  2. Personalization: Not only will the session location be specific to your home and style, you can also include session details like specific decor, the nursery, meaningful heirlooms, and any favorite family places in the home. Choosing to do the session in your home adds depth and character to the images, making them even more special to the family.
  3. Convenience and accessibility: Not every birth is the same, while some parents may have an easy birth and feel great right after, others might have a more challenging time and not feel the greatest in the days following birth. It can be difficult to leave the home with a newborn in tow right after birth to go to a photography studio, hence why having a photographer come to your home for photos alleviates some stress and anxiety. Choosing to do the photos at home allows for more flexibility in scheduling the session, having the option to work around feeding and sleeping schedules.
  4. Including other family members or pets: This might be an option that is a must for some families. Whether it's a first child or the fifth child, families may want to include the other siblings or even their pets that live in the home. Sibling interaction with the baby can such a sweet moment to capture, as your newborn is only in this phase for such a short window. For other families, they may have had a pet that has been their "fur-child" until they recently had their first baby. The pet is still a significant figure in the family and including them in this special moment can create some unforgettable images. As a dog lover myself, I promise you won't regret including them in the session!
  5. Lifestyle documentation: I often describe to my clients that lifestyle in-home newborn sessions aren't the typical "wrapped baby in a basket" type of session. These are to capture the genuine, intimate moments and interactions that happen amongst the parents and the newborn, or even the siblings and the newborn child. The session should incorporate a bit of what your everyday might look like, lots of snuggles, tender moments, feeds, and connection amongst each other. These real life moments help capture what these first few days with a newborn would really feel like and are treasured moments when you look back on them.

Hopefully, after reading some of these benefits you feel more sure in your decision to opt for an in-home newborn session. While not all families are the same, having the personalization of an in-home newborn session can be a big factor for many parents.

Expert Tip- SWADDLES

If you're looking for cute swaddles to wrap your newborn in for the session, check out the brand Aden + Anais! They have the best patterns and the softest muslin swaddle blankets!!

Book your Newborn Photos at Home with an Experienced Photographer

Now that we've covered some of the perks of having an in-home lifestyle newborn session, the next step in the process is reaching out with the photographer of choice (if you're in the Flathead Valley of Montana, Hi... let's chat) and securing them to document this special moment for you. If you're interested in working with me, please submit a contact form on my website, you can expect to hear from me within 48 hours. I often book these sessions 3-4 months in advance. I also offer a discount to families who book me for a maternity and newborn session consecutively. I've been working with families to document in-home newborn sessions for 3-4 years now, and a professional photographer for 7 years now. I aim to provide a seamless process of booking and an open line of communication throughout or time working together for your session. Let's start booking your stress free in-home newborn session today!

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