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As a Montana Couples Photographer, I’ve explored endless serene and striking locations for photo sessions and met countless incredible couples. Sometimes the locations are the standout of a session, and sometimes couples easily steal the spotlight. But every now and then, a location and a couple fit together so flawlessly that it feels like magic! And after just a quick glance at Adison and Andrew’s photos, you’ll certainly agree that their Glacier National Park engagement session was one of those breathtaking treats! We experienced some crazy snowy weather during out session, not an unusual experience for Montana in November, but it sure made for some romantic photos. Couple outdoor photography is such an experience when weather gets crazy, they snuggle a little bit closer, and seem to really have the intimate emotion that exists between the two.

couple kissing while its snowy weather, west glacier Montana

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I first fell in love with Montana landscapes when I moved to the area in my teenage years. I was drug feet first by my parents, I had no idea what this state had to offer. Montana is breathtaking, so it didn’t take me long. I knew that as a growing photographer that I couldn’t wait to bring all my gorgeous couples and my camera to these amazing locations! Enter Adison and Andrew! When they mentioned they were looking for the true Montana backdrops, I knew Glacier National Park was just the spot! As a Montana couples’ photographer, I am constantly looking for new locations to showcase a couples love. Their captivating and charming personalities were perfectly showcased by the endless falling snowflakes that left us speechless from the beauty. It was, without a doubt, meant to be!


But what is most incredible about this pair is unquestionably the love they have for each other. 

female holding out her hand with engagement ring, snowy weather in west glacier Montana
couple kissing on the snow, sitting on snowy bridge on Pendleton blanket, west glacier Montana

Glacier National Park Photographer

Each time I asked them to flirtatiously lean in for a kiss, the romance was off the charts! These two are so in love, and I can’t wait until the day their love story becomes a Happily Ever After. Eventually I’ll be capturing their married couples pictures, its meant to be! 


Adison and Andrew told me before our session that they were really looking forward to seeing capturing their true love in their photos, and, thanks to Montana winter weather, it wasn’t difficult to deliver! When working with couples, I use a variety of poses and prompts to keep them at ease. There is never a worry about what to do with your hands or which way to look. Couples lifestyle photography brings a whole new approach to the portrait photography scene. Real reactions and emotions come through in the poses, its truly magical. The lack of visibility gave the whole session a mysterious feel, and the soft flakey snow falling added a sprinkle of warmth that blanketed the ground. I always tell my couples to bundle up a little warmer when we have more wild weather; a cozy hat, warm gloves, soft scarves, etc. 


But let’s be honest: how could the images be anything less than romantic with a pair like this one in front of the lens! Finding the perfect spot to take engagement photos isn’t always easy, but you better believe I’ll be returning to Glacier National Park in Montana over and over again! Congratulations, Adison and Andrew on your engagement, and I know your love runs deep and its everlasting!


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