WitBrod Family

I've had the pleasure of photographing the Witbrod family over the past year and watching Camden grow has been one of my favorite parts. I am an incredibly busy woman. Running a photography business, being a wife and dog mom, working full time as a nurse and keeping up with my extra curricular activities at the hospital... the list goes on. Sometimes I don't get to see my "families" other than on social media and between our shoots, so when I see your kiddos I am baffled by the new words they are saying, the fact that they are walking, and by how much they have grown. I look forward to my sessions with families to catch up and learn whats new.

Reed, Steph and Cam are returning clients and are always a joy to have in front of the camera. Camden is going to be a heart breaker one day, his facial expressions alone are my favorite. He loves his dots pretzels (AKA "chips"). When talking about dinosaurs he roars SUPER loud, causing all of us to burst out laughing. He keeps me smiling throughout the entire session.

When booking a mini session, its the perfect amount of time to get updated solo pictures of your kids, some pictures of just mom and dad (I am a firm believer that they need couples pictures because they are the root of the family), and some group shots of the whole family. If your kids are young, its the perfect amount of time to get shots before they lose their patience. Also, if you've never hired the photographer before, its a great way to see what they have to offer for a minimal price.

Check out a few of the images from the Witbrod Mini Session, to get a feel for what a mini session includes.