What is Branding Photography?

Never heard of branding photography? I'm not surprised! It's becoming more of a popular topic and many businesses and entrepreneurs are seeking after it! Branding Photography is like having photos storytelling of your entire business. It includes photos of the owners, the spaces they work in, them doing their work, and special parts of their business that make it unique to them. Having a cohesive set of images to help advertise your business is crucial, especially in this day of age with social media, people expect you to have professional photos to represent your business.

So who is Glacier Fam Chiro? Meet, Dr. Hailey Axberg DC BS RYT and Dr. Ryan Hyde (soon-to-be practicing at the time of this post)! This soon-to-be husband and wife working team offer professional, holistic care to the whole family. Offering chiropractic services on all spectrums from newborns to geriatrics, even specializing in prenatal and postnatal care. Their office is in Columbia Falls, MT in the heart of downtown. Their office is filled with natural light, fresh fruit for the patients, and a warm atmosphere welcoming the patients. I remember my first time in their office, picking up some sourdough starter that Hailey so gratefully shared with me, I felt so at home. If you're looking for chiropractic care in the Flathead Valley, don't hesitate to reach out to this amazing business!

Branding Photography near me...

You might be wondering... does every photographer do branding photography? Are there different types of branding photography?

No, not every photographer offers branding photography. If you don't see information about branding photography on their website, I recommend reaching out to them via their contact form. Photographers, like myself, sometimes don't heavily advertise the types of photography they offer on the main pages of their site, so say a little hello if you're curious about learning more!

Yes, there are different types of branding photography. In the style demonstrated in this blog post, this is not your typical professional headshot. I actually refer those who want studio-like headshots out to those who specialize in studio work locally. My approach to branding photography is very laid back, I prefer shooting in spaces that are naturally lit with light, and photographing people/businesses in their element. I also offer branding portrait work outdoors, with a lifestyle-like approach.

I suggest when searching out for a branding photographer near you to ask for a portfolio of their work to learn their style and make sure it fits with your vision for your branding. It also helps to set up a call with them to make sure you'll be a good fit!

Office space at Glacier Fam Chiro in Columbia Falls, MT

Personal Branding Photographer

I offer branding photography in Kalispell, Whitefish, Columbia Falls, and the surrounding areas. I offer inside office photos in areas that are well lit or offer to do outdoor lifestyle branding photos. My branding packages allow for clients to use their images for their commercial business, and often deliver 75+ images they can use across their business! If this is something that interests you, feel free to contact me and we can discuss getting you on the books!

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