Senior Pictures with Horses

I first met Afton and the Lambrecht family a few years ago when I took her older sisters' senior photos in Glacier National Park. Her mom contacted me this winter to schedule a senior session with Afton and her horses. We were initially planning for a snowy and frosty morning in late winter, but Montana weather had other plans. Snow melted quickly and then there was none! So we went ahead with the session and it proved to be a glowing golden evening with the sunset and a fantastic time with the horses, and her sweet pup!

This was my first session with a Senior and their horses, so it was fun to try new posing and ideas for the senior. I incorporated a variation of close up portraits and photos from a distance to provide a well rounded gallery. The main goal from the senior was to have the horses in all the photos, so that's what we did! Prior to the session, I did some planning for different photo techniques and posing I wanted to try for. I knew we were going to get a golden sunset and the family ranch had the perfect trees to provide some diffuse lighting during the sunset.

Afton wanted to try standing on her horses back at one point during the session (not pictured) but the horse was a bit finicky and we opted to not have her attempt it more than once, for her safety and the horses. Being creative with a horse in the photos is different for sure, they aren't as easy to adjust for posing and you have to wing it for some shots. Sometimes uses a treat to entice them to cooperate its a great idea! Afton's dog, a Bernese mountain dog, joined for a few photos and it made for some cute photo opportunities, the horse and the dog touched noses at one point... I squealed as I took the photo!

Senior Photos What to Wear

Planning a senior session can be simple or it can be complicated, it honestly depends on the person, their style, and vision for their session. I most commonly get questions about what to wear. Clothing and accessory options will vary greatly depending on the location and time of year that we're doing the session. Below I'll share some basic guidelines to follow when planning outfits for your senior session. Check them out and see how they can help you in organizing your attire for the session:

  1. Aim for Classic and Timeless: Choose outfits that won't look outdated in a few years time. Sure, trends and popular styles change over the years, but incorporating one outfit that is timeless will ensure a great gallery. Solid color pieces and simple patterns like polka dots or stripes are a great way to incorporate a classic touch to your outfit.
  2. Casual Chic: Choose one outfit that has more style and feels trendy to show your personality. Incorporate fun pieces for accessories, these outfits are great for capturing personal style!
  3. Dressy Casual: Think of what a semi-formal outfit would look like to you. A button down shirt and trousers, or a nice blouse and a skirt. Pick something that isn't so trendy and shows professionalism.
  4. Athletic Wear: If you're involved with sports and have a letterman's jacket and patches, bring it with you! Sports jerseys and other sports attire are a great way to encapsulate a special talent you exuded throughout high school. If you're involved with other activities like yoga, hiking, rock climbing, or running... these are make for a unique outfit during your session.
  5. Layering: I love encouraging clients to layer their outfits. Light jackets, cardigans, kimonos, and shawls add a different texture to the outfit and add an easy outfit component that once removed looks like a whole other outfit.
  6. Comfort: No matter which direction you take with your outfits, your number one goal should be comfort. Tugging at a short shirt, or pulling up baggy pants can really impact your confindence if your outfit doesn't fit properly or you feel uncomfortable. Try on all outfits a few weeks prior to the session to make sure you have a good fit, so you can make adjustments if you need to.

Overall, my biggest take away with outfits is to choose items that you feel confident and comfortable in. Pick outfits that show your personality and unique self. Plan for the time of year your session will take place during and bring outfits that coordinate with the season. Lastly, have fun with it! You're only a senior once and it should be a fun experience for you!

Senior Photos Photographer Serving the Greater Flathead Valley

If you're a senior (or senior parent) still looking for a photographer to capture a unique senior session that demonstrates your true personality and style, look no further. I'd love to be your senior photographer. I book sessions all over the Flathead Valley, including Kalispell, Whitefish, Columbia Falls, Bigfork, and Eureka. I will also travel further, depending on availability and distance. Next steps to working with me include filling out my contact form and sharing some details about the session you're dreaming up! Expect to hear back from me within 24 hours and we can get booking squared away and start planning this fun session! I highly recommend reaching out 4-5 months in advance to ensure I still have availability for your desired month/dates. Cannot wait to hear more about your ideal session!

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