Meet Cale.

He took me by surprise when he stepped out of his Dodge Stratus, I would have mistaken him for a college student if I hadn't known better. Long curly/wavy hair, a full beard, and about 6ft tall. He shook my hand and introduced himself. Cale is into gaming and metal smithing. He has plans to attend trade school after senior year.

Cale brought along four things that mean a lot to him. His dads new Harley Davidson (it was very pretty), his Jackson guitar, a claymore (dull edged sword) and his rifle. I was a bit nervous as first, as I don't normally photograph my clients with so many props and how would I incorporate them into his session. So I took the challenge and ran with it and I would say I was pretty dang successful.

I feel like each of my clients helps teach me something, and Cale taught me to think outside the box. Sometimes breaking outside the norm is okay. Not everything has to be aesthetically pleasing, and if a Harley Davidson doesn't fit in with my Instagram feed, its okay! I even learned that his girlfriend is an aspiring photographer and now follow her on Instagram! Thanks for asking me to take your Senior Pictures, Cale!