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Wright Family Session

As a Whitefish Montana family photographer, I’ve explored the best of the best locations for photo sessions and have met countless incredible families! Sometimes the locations are the standout of a session, and sometimes families swiftly steal the spotlight. But every now and then, a location and a family fit together so flawlessly that it feels meant to be! And after just a quick glance at the Wright family’s photos, you’ll certainly agree that their Whitefish Lake family session was one of those magical treats!

Family sitting in posed position on the shore of whitefish lake in Montana with whitefish mountain resort behind them

Whitefish Lake in Whitefish, Montana

I first discovered Whitefish Lake in Montana when I moved to the Kalispell area in 2007. I knew when I started my photography career in 2018 that I had to bring a fun-spirited family and my camera here during the winter! Enter the Wright family! When they mentioned they were looking for a location with a view that was in Whitefish, I knew that City Beach on Whitefish Lake was just the spot! Their entertaining personalities were perfectly showcased by the snowcapped Whitefish Mountain Resort that they had spent their family vacation skiing at. It was complete perfection from beginning to end!


The Wright’s told me before our session that they were really looking forward to seeing Big Mountain (Whitefish Mountain Resort) in their photos, and, thanks to our astonishing location, it wasn’t difficult to deliver! This snowy day initially had low-lying clouds that lifted just enough for us to see the ski runs on the mountain. The lightly falling snow gave the whole session a magical feel, and the overcast day added the perfect of optimal lighting! 


But let’s be honest: how could the images be anything less than stunning with a family like this one in front of the lens! Finding the perfect spot to take family photos isn’t always easy, but you better believe I’ll be returning to Whitefish Lake in Montana over and over again for family portrait sessions! 

three boys standing next to each other with mom and dad standing behind them out of focus, shore of whitefish lake

I document milestones and memories...

As a family photographer, I am uniquely blessed to work with the same clients repeatedly as their family grows and changes. I also get the opportunity to serve travelers as they visit the areas on their vacations. I love to document the deepening love between parents, growing (and new!) littles, and even the arrival of new pets in the family! Our families transform so much from one year to the next, and I treasure every chance I get to bear witness to those changes.  


Thank you so much, Wright family for inviting me along on this adventure with you! I hope to spend time with all of you again so soon!


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