As a local to Glacier National Park, I’ve visited these stunning landscapes weekly for more than a decade. And while choosing favorite spots feels a bit like picking between children, I’ve definitely found myself returning to certain spots more than others. And especially when I have a camera in hand and a family in tow, I know certain sites will never disappoint!

Although a local photographer never reveals all her secrets, three fairly well-known spots are absolute must-visits for family photo sessions! And I’m delighted to share them with you! So, next time you plan a Glacier National Park family photo session, don’t forget to visit these three spectacular locations. The art you make there will be unlike anything you’ve ever seen!

#1 Lake McDonald, Apgar 

I know, I know…this spot isn’t exactly a secret. When people talk about Glacier National Park, Lake McDonald is usually one of the first places they mention. But there’s a simple reason I always stop by Apgar on Lake McDonald when I visit the park: it’s freaking gorgeous! 

From its crystalline water to the rainbow of pebbles that glitter along the shore, Lake McDonald is a breathtaking backdrop to a photo session. And in every season, too! Whether the summer sun is shining or we have to stomp through a blanket of fresh snow, I can’t wait to show you some of the best this park has to offer just a short trip from lodging and dinner!

Take in a beautiful view of all six Glacier mountain peaks as you enjoy a beautiful photo session. But remember, because this spot is so well-known, it’s best to plan your session in the early morning or in the evening to avoid the crowds. 

#2 The Old Belton Bridge, West Glacier

Once the main entrance into Glacier National Park, The Belton Bridge was built in the 1920s. But when the flood of ‘64 washed it out and the entrance was moved, this bridge became a tourist spot just for those in the know. This also opened it up in a new way for photo sessions!


I love The Old Belton Bridge for its beautiful views of both the slopes and river. As the teal river water swirls below, we can snap breathtaking family photos, romantic engagement photos, or rockstar portraits! This location really suits any style of photo session beautifully, making a must-visit. 


And for best results, I’d recommend waking up early to stop by while the glow of sunrise is still lighting up the mountain peaks. You’ll thank me later!

#3 Big Bend, Going-To-The-Sun-Road 

And finally, my most requested photo location is easily Big Bend on Going-To-The-Sun Road. With its sweeping fields flooded with bear grass and wildflowers, it offers some of the most unique scenery found within Glacier National Park. 

And the best part: it’s super accessible! While we may still need to trek across some rocky terrain for the best photos, it by no means requires a full hike! Simply pull up in your car and step out into some of the most jaw-dropping scenic views America has to offer! Because Going-To-The-Sun Road is such a popular drive, however, it does tend to get pretty crowded for sunrise and mid-day sessions. So, I’d recommend scheduling your Big Bend during the evening hours and plan to take in the sunset. Get ready for the most stunning golden hour you’ve ever witnessed!

That's not ALL folks...

a REAL pro doesn't spoil all the best locations ;-)

While these are by no means the only places I take families to during their adventure family sessions in Glacier National Park, these are three of my favorites! But I can’t wait to show you some of my other super-secret nooks and crannies throughout the park! If you’re looking for images filled with rivers and mountains that stretch on for miles, I’ve got the perfect spot in mind. Or maybe you’re a fan of towering cedars and wooden boardwalks? Yep, I know just the place! 

Ready to book your Glacier National Park Family Session?

So, if you and your family want to explore all the best Glacier National Park has to offer, send a message my way today. I’ll be in touch ASAP to continue the conversation and plan your dream adventure family photo session!

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