Your session is coming up and you have no idea what to wear... 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

You've come to the right place!

Below I am going to tell you some of the best kept secrets in the industry... ok maybe they aren't secret, but you might not know what looks amazing in photos and what doesn't. Also, how to achieve that look can pose another problem. I am here to help, so take a deep breath!

The following guide can pertain to Families, Seniors, Maternity, Couples, and Engagements.


  • Aim for pastel colors and neutrals if you're completely stuck with inspiration, they blend well and are easy on the eye and are timeless.
  • Avoid wearing all black and white, integrating white or black into 1-2 pieces is ok, but add some color.
  • Avoid wearing neon colors, they belong on the sports field or in the skating rink. They are often found on shoes and kids clothing.
  • Avoid wearing logos/wording on clothing, these tend to stick out like a sore thumb. Another no-no is thick/broad stripes.
  • Add pops of bright color by spreading it out amongst the group. Less people should be sporting the color and on different items of clothing.
  • You can add a hint of color to neutral clothing types to add more style.
  • Mix and max with patterns and textures, the possibilities are endless.

Mom wearing a pop of yellow color, young boys in micro striped shirts. Dad in casual polo shirt with blue jeans.


The minor details matter! Read below to find out how to incorporate, or leave out your normal items you wear.

  • Remove all sport watches and hair ties (around your wrists) day of. They are small, but often catch your eye, in a not so pleasing way.
  • In the cooler months, and even winter; adding a scarf, mittens, or your favorite hat (except baseball caps) can add a nice touch to your outfit choice.
  • Statement necklaces/jewelry can be a pleasing addition to your outfit.
  • Avoid heavy jackets, try to wear layers or vests with a scarf to keep warm day of. You can keep hand warmers in your vest pocket 😉. I try to bring extra with me during the winter months for cold hands.

Both are wearing blue jeans, different colors. Hers are laid back with holes and the bottoms folded up. He's in a t-shirt, slate grey color. She has her shirt tucked in at the front for definition.

Hair & Make-up

These might feel like a no brainer, but having a bad hair day can completely ruin your photo-session.

  • Not good at styling your hair/make-up? Hiring a stylist for a blowout and style or an esthetician can make you feel more confident going into your session.
  • It's recommended to wear your make-up a little darker than you normally do to add some contrast and depth.
  • Get your hair colored/cut 2-3 weeks before your session if you're planning on getting it done prior. This allows for color adjustment and if it doesn't turn out the way you like, you have time to get it corrected.
  • Avoid wearing heavy colored eye make-up, nudes and light color pops blend well.

Nude make-up colors. Comfortable clothing.


I add this special piece in because I photograph in Montana and the ground surface is not always safe!

  • First and foremost, if you want to go barefoot for part of your session... I'm game. It shows realness and captures a different emotion.
  • I am an outdoor photographer, so my sessions are based outside. Wear proper shoes for the occasion. Heels may sound fun and pretty, but walking on unsteady ground and uneven rocks can easily end a session on a bad foot (pun intended)!
  • In the winter, I actually recommend that my clients wear Yak-Tracks (they slip over your shoes and have ice cleats to prevent one from slipping).

Little one is wearing comfortable shoes. Mom has comfortable sandals on (unable to be seen due to grass).

Final Tips & Recommendations

Be Comfortable

Plan outfits that you're going to be comfortable wearing. There is nothing worse than wearing something because you feel you have to and fighting a wedgie the whole time. If your going to be pulling the shirt down all night or tugging at your skirt, it might be worth the time to find an alternate option.

Dress Differently

We all are individuals and should be dressed that way, including twins. Dress them for their personality and comfort zone.

Ask for Help

If you've made it this far and are still stuck, feel free to message me and we can come up with a plan. Also, I love to utilize Pinterest to gain inspiration and outfit ideas!

Thank You!

Thanks for getting all the way to the end! I hope you find answers in this style guide and some inspiration for picking out your outfits. I, of course, am always glad to be of assistance, but this is a great piece to refer to! May your outfits be picture perfect on your special day.