Milk Bath Maternity Pictures

For a first-time mom, pregnancy is an entirely new and unfamiliar experience. Some parts, like the anticipation of a little one and the celebrations before their arrival, are memories she will cherish forever. And some are memories that um, well, she will look back on less fondly. But whether a mom-to-be feels like a glowing moon goddess, an uncomfortable disaster, or anything in between, stepping in front of the camera to document this once-in-a-lifetime moment of preparation for your first child is a must! And as a Kalispell milk bath maternity photographer, I can’t wait to tell those stories. Incredible stories like Shelby’s! Milk bath maternity pictures are an incredible way to make mom feel like a goddess before she has her big day delivery her new child.


Before our session, Shelby told me that she couldn’t wait for our photo session because a milk bath maternity shoot was such a unique way to capture motherhood. But she also mentioned, that she was nervous and self-conscious to wear a milk bath maternity dress. I love when clients are open with me before their sessions, so that I can craft an experience that perfectly suits their individual needs. So, for this session we had Shelby wear a couple different outfits (a milk bath maternity gown and a milk bath maternity dress). I shared several milk bath maternity shoot ideas, different styles and types of gowns, different types of flowers and fruit to use in the tub, and ideas for location to shoot at. 

Pregnant woman sitting on the edge of a tub in maternity gown, milk bath maternity session

Milk Bath Maternity Shoot DIY

And when it comes to any photo session, but especially maternity sessions, the location and wardrobe set the mood! Before our session, Shelby and I decided on a laidback and relaxing tone for our session. It perfectly suits her personality, as you can definitely see in the images! So, to achieve this tone, we decided on using an oversized farmhouse tub for our session, where we could fill the tub with milk and allow her to feel completely at ease. And her wardrobe brought the vision fully to life! With her navy-blue milk bath maternity lace dress, she looked so elegant and delicate. As we started taking photos, Shelby looked absolutely stunning.


It was also extremely important to me that Shelby felt comfortable and cared for during our session, which is why I brought towels for drying off, an assortment of fresh flowers and freshly cut grapefruit and blood oranges! I came fully prepared for the session. You really must come prepared and know how to do a milk bath maternity shoot if you plan to advertise for them. There are so many factors that come into play, like water temperature, the items you float in the tub, the type of milk, and so much more. I educated Shelby on a number of these to put her at ease with her many questions. 

Woman sitting in milky filled tub with fresh fruit floating in the water
Woman sitting in milky bath water, holding babys breath in her hand, wearing a blue lacy maternity gown

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As we showcased her baby much and captured her elegance in the natural window light, we had such an incredible time preserving this beautiful season in Shelby’s life! Shelby couldn’t thank me enough for capturing this milk bath maternity shoot, making her feel more beautiful than she could imagine. 


Children grow and change so quickly that documenting each step in the journey is deeply important. And I love that I am able to document the beginning of this exciting journey into motherhood for the women of Kalispell! 


Congratulations, Shelby! I had such a blast getting to know you, and I can’t wait to see all the photos of your little one when he is born! And I hope to take photos for you again so soon!


Are you preparing to welcome your first little one into your family? I’d love to get to know you and take your maternity photos! Just say hello, and we can begin planning a session you’ll love! 

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