Are dogs allowed in Glacier National Park?

Short answer? No, not really. At least not in the realm that you'd like them to be on your adventures (aka hiking and other adventurous things). So that means I can't bring them on my vacation? No, of course not! You will just need to find a dog boarding place or doggy daycare to keep them entertained during your stay! Don't worry, there is no shortage of dog boarding locations near Glacier National Park and I would be happy to share some of my favorites below!

Queue, K9 day camp!

First off, I DO NOT RECOMMEND leaving your pets in your vehicle. This is not a smart move! Someone will likely break your window and/or call the cops on you to have them broken out and you'll get yourself a ticket, no thanks! Instead, I recommend that you take them to a dog daycare near Glacier National Park or a dog boarding company near Glacier National Park and let them play for the day with other pooches while you're out adventuring. I've curated a list of awesome places locally that will keep your pup happy for the day and allow you to get outside and enjoy Montana! Take a peek below!

man and dog standing on paddle board in lake

Dog Boarding Near Glacier National Park


Pamper your pups at this Resort and Spa, they offer daycare, boarding, and enrichment for your furry friend!

  • Day Care Prices
  • $8/hr, $19 for less than 5 hours, and $24 for more than 5 hours
  • Can bring multiple dogs for additional fee
  • All dogs are welcome
  • Must be vaccinated
  • Dog Boarding Prices
  • Pricing starts at $35/night for the Classic K9 Kennel for one dog
  • Includes 5 outdoor potty breaks, you can pay to upgrade this
  • 4'x6' area, glass door, music, viewable TV
  • Can upgrade space, and board multiple pets in one suite
  • Must be vaccinated

Columbia Mountain Kennels Located in Columbia Falls, MT

"The best place for your best friend", Bring your pups here for a fun and safe place to stay while you're in town visiting the area!

  • Day Care Prices
  • $18/day for the first dog, each additional dog is $12/day
  • All dogs welcome
  • Must be vaccinated
  • Puppies must be older than 16 weeks with first set of vaccinations
  • Dog Boarding Prices
  • Pricing starts at $25/night for single dog, $15/night for additional dog of same household
  • Includes 4 outdoor potty breaks
  • 5'x5' kennel, you can bring a bed and toys
  • All dogs welcome
  • Must be vaccinated
  • No additional charge for dog daycare for overnight guests

Three Dog Ranch located in whitefish, mt

Montana hospitality for your pet!

  • Day Care Prices
  • $10/half day (3.5 hours in the AM, or 3 hours in the PM)
  • $23/day for single dog, additional $17/day for second dog
  • Vaccinations required
  • Dog Boarding Prices
  • Pricing starts at $27/night for single dog
  • May pay additional for second dog of same household
  • 4'x6' space inside, 4'x10' space outside
  • All dogs welcome
  • Vaccinations required
  • Deposit required for reservation

Glacier Bark Kennels Located in Columbia Falls, MT

Your closest kennel to Glacier National Park!

  • Dog Boarding Prices
  • $25/night per dog, each additional dog from same household or friend traveling together pays same price
  • Can kennel same household dogs or friends traveling with dogs together
  • 4.5'x5' kennels for small breeds or a 7'x9' kennel for shared boarding
  • Dog food bowl, lofted dog bed, and sleeping pad provided if requested
  • All dogs welcome
  • Vaccinations required

Pawsitively Perfect Located in Kalispell, MT

Exceptional grooming, pawsitive play care, and luxury lodging for your precious fur baby!

  • Day Care Prices
  • $20/half day (less than 5 hours) per dog or $25/day for each dog
  • Vaccinations required
  • Intact males and unswayed females not allowed after 12 months of age
  • 14,500 sq. ft. yard to play in!
  • Dog Boarding Prices
  • $45/night for single dog, additional dogs from same household $40/night
  • Kennels range from 3'x6' to 6'x6', your dog will be placed in a kennel according to their size
  • Fun add-on's like a car ride for a puppachino or ice cream dates
  • All dogs welcome
  • Must be vaccinated

PHEWWWW that list is pretty dang great, but that's not it!! Check out below to see an added bonus!!

girl and dog standing on ledge overlooking the coast
girl and dog standing on ledge looking out on the mountains on a hike

Glacier National Park ISN'T Dog Friendly, Now What?


Not only can you use a local company, but if you haven't heard of the Rover App, I highly recommend downloading it! The app connects people (pet owning) to other people (pet loving care takers) and magic happens... okay not really, but there are many options available. Some will come to your Airbnb to check on your pet, walk your pets, stay with your pets and others with take your pet for the day and provide day care while you're off adventuring... its a win-win in my book! So head on over and check it out!

Now that you know where to keep your dog for the day or night, you can let your mind rest a little. The area surrounding Glacier National Park is great for your dog and hiking adventure. I wrote another blog post about dog friendly hikes in the area, this is worth a read if you want to include them on your trip. There are many pet friendly stores in the area and self grooming salons for your pet.

Another fun option, if you can't resist dog photos, hire a photographer (I know a pretty great one... wink wink) to take pictures of you and your pet! Honestly, pets are family in my book and deserve to be in that yearly family photo! Feel to reach out via my contact form to inquire about a session! I am happy to bring treats, and tricks up my sleeve to get your pup smiling for photos!

Girl and dog sitting and looking out at the ocean


Images used in this blog post were used from Pricing and information about dog boarding and dog daycare are reflected from time of writing this blog post and may change with time, for most recent information and pricing, contact the kennel.