Tips to make your Glacier National Park trip AMAZING!!

I feel like I could make this blog post a million miles long! However, recently I've been thinking about all the options and services that are available to make your trip more conveinient while you're visiting Glacier National Park and wanted to dedicate a blog post to the most conveinient tips/tricks I have found to make your trip/travels a little easier while you're here. As a local, I learn of these resources and don't often get to utilize them myself, but know that many of my clients and others searching the internet might find this helpful.

So enjoy reading and if you find these tips/tricks helpful, share them with a friend/collegue who will be traveling to NW Montana or to Glacier!

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Let someone plan your trip FOR YOU!

What??!?!?! This sounds too good to be true!!

We all know what it's like traveling to a new destination you've never been before and trying to learn all the tricks to making the most out of your time. Traveling to NW Montana and Glacier National Park is such a unique experience that you'll want to pack in as much as you can to take in the whole experience.

Scout and Wander Co. is a fabulous local company that will plan your trip itinerary for you. They handle all the research and hardwork of figuring out where you should be and when and help you pick out the best hiking trails and adventurous activities to keep you entertained while you're here visiting!

They offer consult calls to have Q & A's and ask all things Glacier or you can purchase the Glacier Itinerary package, Highly recommend letting a professional handle the planning!

Dirty clothes... ugh!!

Fall into a mud puddle while hiking or spray yourself with too much bug spray and needs to clean up your attire? Check out a local laundrymat that offers wash/dry/fold services, so you can just drop off your dirty clothes and pick them up later in the day all fresh and clean! This will save you so much time of your trip, no need to sit at the laundrymat all day!

Tumble Laundry is a new, clean, and refreshing laundry mat in the Kalispell area that offers clothing cleaning services by the pound. Check them out if your clothes need some washing!

Skip Grocery Shopping!

My least favorite thing to do on vacation is go grocery shopping in a foreign grocery store and buy all the things we need for the week. Thankfully in the Flathead Valley (Whitefish, Kalispell, Columbia Falls), we have the option for grocery delivery and in-store pickup.

My favorite option is the well-known Instacart. Instacart has the option to choose to shop from multiple stores in the area. There is a grocery store chain called Super 1, locally, that only uses the Rosie App to place orders and allows for in-store pick-up, this is also another time-saving option. Grocery shopping can take hours if you can't find what you need, instead save those precious vacation hours and schedule your groceries to get delivered. Sure, it costs a little extra for convenience, but vacation is short!

If you'd like to save a few bucks, feel free to use my Instacart referral code link below to save $30 off your first order of $50 or more through Instacart. This link is good for new accounts only.

Instacart Savings

Rosie App

Pack Light... Rent your gear!

When you're flying across the country, bringing all you hiking/camping/backpacking gear isn't always ideal for checking your luggage. It can be costly and heck, be a lot of weight to lug around. If you're interested in having a light flight (ha ha) consider renting your gear from a local outfitter to suit the needs of your trip and plans!

Right on Trek is a local gear rental option you should definitely consider! With all inclusive rental options for backpacking and camping, or a la' carte options, you can find all the essentials you need to have a great time exloring around Glacier National Park and the surrounding areas of Montana.

Top picks for gear rentals: Bear Spray, GPS Garmin In-reach Mini, and trekking poles!

Bonus: They also sell small batch, Montana crafted, backpacking meals for on the go! Check them out!!

Childcare & Baby Equipment

Traveling with a toddler or kiddo? It's common for parent(s) to travel with their kids these days, but sometimes it's not always easy to have them with you during certain activities you'd like to do during your trip. Rather than stay home, you can utilize local babysitting services like Field to Forest Babysitting to watch your kiddos if you need. This company will come to your rental or lodging to watch the kids, so you don't have to drop them off anywhere! There are also some drop in daycares locally that you can look into as well.

If you're traveling with infants/toddlers/children and don't want to pack your pack n'play, carseat, stroller, baby hike pack, etc. You can simply rent these baby friendly items from a local through BabyQuip and have it delivered to your door. With daily/weekly rental options, this is the perfect solution to your baby/child needs!

Closing tips...

This is where I always make my final plea to those traveling to the area, to always be mindful of Leave No Trace principles during your travels and escapades in the area. Glacier National Park and the surrounding areas hold a special place in my heart. While I love this place, many others do as well, and to keep Montana looking as amazing as it is, practicing leave no trace will help procure this beautiful spot for many years to come!

At last, while this blog post holds several tips to make your Glacier National Park vacation more enjoyable, something else to consider while visiting the area is having your photos taken with your loved ones, or your significant other to remember the trip! I, Jennifer Vernarsky, the lovely gal behind this blog post, is a local outdoor portrait photographer who specializes in Elopement, Family, and Couples photography. Like you, I once traveled to this area (about 20 years ago) and fell in love with the beauty. I am lucky enough to call this place home now and get to serve my community and travelers like you to document milestones and memories in this beautiful state. If you're interested in booking a session, fill out the contact form on my website to hear about my packages and availabilty!

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