True Love... Defining and Describing it.

When talking about Couples photography, its common for photographers to "depict" who their couples should be. Often photographers claim themselves the photographer of the "wild and adventurous" or the photographer of those "wildly in love", but what if we stopped putting a label on what our couples should be and instead let them show you who they are while photographing them.

True love and deep love can't be hidden when photographing a couple. It shows in the way they breathe, hold one anothers hand, and how they kiss. Believe it or not, Couples create the emotion in images, more so than the photographer just prompting them or posing them. Its those in-between moments when they giggle, or make a face at each other that depicts the emotion. Thats where I come in, I keep photographing during those moments to capture that split second of real and raw emotion.

Granted, getting your Couple comfortable enough to elicit those emotions is another thing. If a Couple can't let loose and really take a minute to feel those emotions themselves, portraying it through photography isn't going to be easy. Your client has to be right their with you.

Boyce & Brittany were an amazing couple I had the opportunity to photograph last week. They were an epic show in front of the camera, and their pup, Remy, was also a show stopper. After rolling in the sand and playing in the water, we made a fire on the beach and took in the sweet moments of the last of summer.

Enjoy some of their images below from their session at the Koocanusa Reservoir in Eureka, MT.