Mini Adventure

Whats Included?

–Up to 1.25 hrs of my time, includes photography and travel.
– Travel included in price

Location: West Glacier, Lake Mcdonald Lodge, Apgar, or Fish Creek.

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Half Day adventure

Whats Included?

–Up to 3 hours of my time, includes photography and travel.
–Travel included in price.

Location: Logan Pass, E. Glacier, Two Med., Many Glacier, Bowman Lake, or Kintla Lake.

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Full Day Adventure

Whats Included?

–Up to 7 hours of my time, includes photography and travel.
–Travel included in price.

Location: Wherever we end up in Glacier!

Hike: May include 1 hike less than 6 miles roundtrip

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Session time starts at time of first photograph in first location


What do you bring with you?

I am pretty prepared for Glacier, this comes with years of experience hiking, visiting, and camping in Glacier National Park. I will bring 2 cans of bear spray, a first aid kit, and all my camera gear.

Why should we go with you?

I'm easy going, I won't talk politics, I enjoy being around kids, and I can crack witty jokes.

But for real, I am knowledgeable, I've got some camera skills, and I love being in Glacier. SO MUCH!

Do you drive or do we?

Honestly, its your call. I have a Subaru that fits 5 people nicely... all wheel drive and have commercial insurance to tote around my clients. However, if you want me to follow you, ride with you, etc... I am completely fine with that too!

How many pictures will we receive?

I won't guarantee any certain amount of images, because its more about capturing whats happening in your day. Will you have a gallery to go through, absolutely. And yes I will have my camera on me at all times.

Will you give us helpful information for our trip?

You betcha. That is my number one goal. I want you to experience Glacier National Park and its surroundings to the fullest. You can check out some of my blogs in February 2020 for the inside scoop.