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Listed pricing is for sessions local to Kalispell, Whitefish, and Columbia Falls. I have travel charges for Eureka sessions. If you're wanting your session done in Glacier National Park, please see this link HERE.

Families & Portrait

Your session includes the following:
Up to one (1) hour
One (1) location
Thirty (30) + images
Up to six (6) people*
Online Gallery

*Additional persons are $25/each
Contact me for pricing of groups > 10


Couples & Engagement

Your session includes the following:
Up to 1 hour 15 minutes
1 + Location
Fifty (50) + images
Online Gallery


Senior Sessions

Your session includes the following:
Up to 1 hour and 30 minutes
1 + Location
Fifty (50) + images
Online Gallery


Needing a session in Glacier?

See the "FOR THE TRAVELER" tab above :)


How/When do I pay?

I accept cash and card. I require clients to pay a non-refundable retainer at time of booking to secure their date for their session with me. Time is important, deposits help from frequent rescheduling/cancelling due to minor issues. If there is illness, bad weather (lightning, rain, brittle cold winter wind), or an emergency I will allow for up to 3 re-schedules.
The rest of your payment is due at the time of the session, or you can pay in full at time of booking.

How will we receive our images?

I send all my images to clients in an Online Gallery through Pixieset. You can download your pictures to your phone, tablet, and computer. I will include a PIN to download your images. The images in your gallery will always be high resolution, and optimal for printing. If you would like to purchase a USB of your images, you can do so for an additional $35.

How long will our session take?

I give family sessions up to 1 hour. Sometimes it takes the entire hour and sometimes it takes 30 minutes to get all the images I need. Other sessions like seniors and engagements which might be at two locations, I give up to 1.5-2 hours depending on where we go. Again, sometimes I can get it done in 1 hour. Seniors and couples are typically faster and easier to photograph as there are less people to maneuver and pose. If you have time constraints let me know. If you have a baby or toddler that is fussy and needs to feed… I TOTALLY understand and will allow you to do so, this is life.

What do we wear?

This is such a common question, believe it or not. I always recommend checking out Pinterest, there are outfits galore for every season or occasion. Search terms like “fall family photo outfits” or “Winter photo outfits” to get images that you are looking for. My best recommendation is to wear solid or pattern prints. Minimal logos as they can be distracting. If you want to color coordinate, I recommend picking 2-3 colors that go together (blue & yellow, blue & orange, brown & red, black & red… and so on) and have one item of clothing on each person be the same/similar color. This can be a scarf on mom, shirt on dad, pants on the little girl, and jacket on the little boy… for example. Any further questions, shoot me a message and I can help you trouble shoot.

Where will we take the photos?

I have many locations that are go-to’s for photo sessions. I usually break it down by, do you want your pictures done by water or not? I have ideas that are near lakes and rivers, bridges, and open fields, etc. In the fall I have my few select places that are guaranteed the brightest fall leaves and lots of color! I try to keep in mind safety when small children will be present. Some locations are better suited for adults. I am always open to photographing your photos on you or your family’s property if you/they have some. Photos carry sentimental value to people so if there is a location that is already on your mind, please let me know! If it’s possible, we can gladly do your session at location of choice. I am always game for photos in Glacier National Park, so don’t hesitate asking!

Can I bring my dog?

You don’t have to ask this girl twice, OF COURSE!! I LOVE DOGS!! LOVE LOVE LOVE. As long as the location you choose allows dogs, please bring your pet. I have a strong belief that pets are also family, they are in our family at least. I am always down for puppy kisses and snuggles if you bring your dog.

Also, I have had a client bring their cat before. If you feel so inclined to bring your pet, including cats… I will be filled with joy!

Side note: I do want to be respectful of anyplace we go, so bring doggy-bags to clean up after your pet, please.

How do we pose?

Some people are natural born models. This is not all people.

That’s why I am here. Let me tell you where to look, how to stand, where to put your hands, and even your facial expressions. If I ever put you in a pose that isn’t comfortable, please tell me. I want you comfortable and happy with your end results. I like to elicit emotion and feelings from my images, so sometimes I like shots that don’t always include you even looking at the camera. Sometimes I want you laughing (fake or real) to get the shot I need. I will tell you every joke I know (which isn’t many) to get that laugh. If you feel so inclined, you can find poses on Pinterest (make your own board) and collaborate with me on which poses and style you like best.

What time is best for our session?

I will tell you first thing, my favorite times of day to photograph are mornings and evenings. This is when the lighting is the best. Also I LOVE cloudy days, they give some of the BEST images believe it or not. I am always up for a sunrise or sunset session, so just ask.

When will I get my photos back?

I tend to hold myself to high expectations and get images back fairly quickly, within a few days to a week. As my schedule has been more booked this year please give a week or two to receive your gallery. Again, I work a full time job outside of photography and sometimes it may not happen that quickly. I will try to get sneak peeks onto social media within 3 days. If I ever have a delay in getting your images to you, you’ll be the first to know. Also, into 2020 I will have longer wait times as my clientele and schedule is getting busier. I aim to be prompt with delivery of images.

What if the weather looks bad on the day of our scheduled session?

Bad weather? It does exist and I won't drag you out in a blizzard or in pouring rain just to do photos. Now heres the kicker, I love a little bit of wind and clouds are actually gorgeous to shoot it. Montana has ever changing weather by the minute and hour. I won't reschedule a session up until day before or day of. I usually have some flexibility in my daily schedule that we can work with spotty rainy days. We will be in touch, I promise!

Should I bring props?

Depending on the session, YES! I usually always tote a spare blanket in my car for sitting poses during our session, but I don’t come stocked with anniversary, 1st birthday, or engagement props. Do you need props to make a session amazing, of course not. It all depends on your style and what you are wanting out of your pictures. If you do get props and want your session styled a certain way, let me know and I can gladly help with ideas.

Will you photoshop us?

Thats a great question and unfortunately my answer is no. I love taking photos and I love the people I photograph. I believe in photographing my clients as who they are and what they look like, in real life. I am not going to make you look smaller or give you the perfect looking skin. I will edit out small blemishes/pimples, because no one loves their acne.

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