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Inspired by breathtaking landscapes and dynamic emotion, I create art that is adventurous, genuine, and unforgettable. So, why the heck should the experience of stepping in front of my camera be anything less! Through the years, I’ve boldly crafted a signature photo session experience that is as unique as the galleries I create. And now I can’t wait to pull back the curtain to give you a peek behind the scenes at what makes that experience so special! Ready to envision your next adventure photo session? Let’s begin the journey…


  1. BOOK YOUR SESSION | A month or more before your session, simply send an inquiry form my way, sharing a bit about the photo session you’d like to plan! Then, I’ll be in touch ASAP to continue the conversation and help you choose the session that’s right for you!
  2. PLAN YOUR TRIP | After filling out your booking form, returning your signed contract, and paying your non-refundable retainer, the adventure really begins! I’ll always help you select the ideal location and wardrobe for your session. And if you’re traveling in from out of town, I’ll even share some of my favorite local hotels, restaurants, and more to ensure you have a fantastic trip!
  3. ENJOY THE ADVENTURE | One or two days before your session, I’ll check in to make sure you’re feeling confident and ready to go and answer any final questions you have. This way, you’ll show up on your session day filled with excitement and joy! Together, we will explore your location, often visiting stunning sites known only to locals. And you’ll even get to sneak a peek at the back of the camera as we go! 
  4. RELIVE THE MEMORIES | When I get home from your session, I’ll immediately begin editing to ensure my famous quick turnaround time! And about a few weeks after your session, I’ll send you an email containing your gallery so you can relive your once-in-a-lifetime adventure! 


for sessions local to Kalispell, Whitefish, and Columbia Falls

Interested in booking a session in Glacier National Park? Learn more HERE! Or, if you have a session in mind for Eureka or another location, simply inquire for pricing information HERE customized to your location. 

Families & Portraits

Whether you’re planning an incredible family vacation or just looking to capture memories in a jaw-dropping location, the family and portrait collection is the perfect path for you!

All sessions include: 

  • One hour of photography in one location
  • Up to six family members* 
  • Minimum of 30 fully edited images
  • Secure, online gallery for printing and sharing
  • Location scouting and advice
  • Wardrobe selection assistance
  • Trip planning tips and tricks
  • An adventure you’ll never forget!

Starting at $450

*inquire for information about booking a larger group session

Family walking through the forest during family session with a sun flare

Couples & Engagements

Looking to document your epic love story in an equally as epic location? Then step right this way to explore the couples and engagement collection!

All sessions include: 

  • One hour and 15 minutes of photography 
  • Potential for multiple locations
  • Minimum of 50 fully edited images
  • Secure, online gallery for printing and sharing
  • Location scouting and advice
  • Wardrobe selection assistance
  • Trip planning tips and tricks
  • An epic date you’ll never forget!

Starting at $525

Couple snuggled up next to a tree in glacier national park

High School & College Seniors

Say “so long” to boring old graduation photos! Let’s celebrate the end of one adventure and the beginning of another with an exciting senior session you’ll never forget.

All sessions include: 

  • One hour and 30 minutes of photography*
  • Potential for multiple locations
  • Option for 2 outfits
  • Minimum of 50 fully-edited images
  • Secure, online gallery for printing and sharing
  • Location scouting and advice
  • Wardrobe selection assistance
  • A one-of-a-kind photo experience! 

Starting at $600

*Inquire about multi-season packages and 'best friend' sessions

Senior posing during portrait session with beautiful view behind her

Weddings & Elopements

Pricing Includes One (1) photographer and travel within 35 miles of Kalispell, Montana.

ELOPEMENTS (<15 people)

Starting at $2,500

for 2 hours of coverage


Starting at $3,500

for 4 hours of coverage

WEDDINGS (50+ people)

Starting at $4,000

for 6 hours of coverage

Couple saying their vows during their elopement

Needing a session in Glacier?

See the "FOR THE TRAVELER" tab above :)


How will we receive our final gallery?

To make printing, sharing, and saving easy, I’ve chosen to use an online gallery delivery system. When your images are ready to go, you’ll receive a link to an online Pixieset gallery with your own secure download PIN. And all of your pictures will be uploaded in the highest resolution, which makes for beautiful prints!

What if we don't know what to wear?

Don’t worry! That’s a very common concern, and I won’t leave you hanging! I’ll share plenty of information on outfit selection before your session. And if you are stuck between options, I’d love to give you a hand making your final choice!

Where will we take the photos?

I have many locations that are go-to’s for photo sessions. I usually break it down by, do you want your pictures done by water or not? I have ideas that are near lakes and rivers, bridges, and open fields, etc. In the fall I have my few select places that are guaranteed the brightest fall leaves and lots of color! I try to keep in mind safety when small children will be present. Some locations are better suited for adults. I am always open to photographing your photos on you or your family’s property if you/they have some. Photos carry sentimental value to people so if there is a location that is already on your mind, please let me know! If it’s possible, we can gladly do your session at location of choice. I am always game for photos in Glacier National Park, so don’t hesitate asking!

Can we bring our dog with us to our session?

Um, YES! Honestly, if you have a dog and DON’T bring them to your session (unless our session is in Glacier National Park), it will hurt my feelings! I love meeting your four-legged family members, so please bring them along. I’ve even had a client bring their cat with them to a session! So, feel free to bring any pets along for the ride. Just remember to bring doggy-bags so we can respectfully clean up behind ourselves.

Are you eco friendly?

Heck yes! I am a Leave No Trace aware Photographer! What this means is, I believe in leaving the land better than how it was when we found it. No picking wildflowers, no stacking rocks to create cairns, and picking up any trash we might find during our session. Learn more at

We’ve never really done this before, so will you help us with posing?

Absolutely! I don’t expect you to be natural-born models on session day! I’ll guide you on where to look and how to stand. But most importantly, I’ll prompt you through situations to bring out natural emotions. Expect to laugh A LOT during your session, whether at my jokes...or just at how bad they are! My goal is to ensure you feel comfortable and confident during your session, so everything I do will be in service of a good time and beautiful photos.

What time is best for our session?

I will tell you first thing, my favorite times of day to photograph are mornings and evenings. This is when the lighting is the best. Also I LOVE cloudy days, they give some of the BEST images believe it or not. I am always up for a sunrise or sunset session, so just ask.

What happens if bad weather rolls in on our session day?

Montana weather is a wild beast, so sometimes unexpected gross weather pops up out of nowhere. But don’t stress! I won’t drag you out in a blizzard, and I have backup plans in case of pouring rain. However, I do kinda love showing clients how incredible images taken during cloudy, windy days can be! So, if the situation should arise, we will definitely discuss options. ‘Til then, don’t sweat it!

Should we bring props?

Depending on the session, bring it on! I’ll usually bring a blanket with me to give you a clean place to sit, but I don’t come stocked with anniversary, birthday, or engagement props. But if props are something you enjoy seeing in photos, I’ll help you find great ones and even help tote them around during your session!

Will you airbrush our photos?

Because my photography is a celebration of all things natural, I avoid heavy Photoshop jobs while editing. I am passionate about preserving you precisely as you are in this beautiful season of life. So, while I’m more than happy to edit out blemishes (I’m not a monster!), my touch-up jobs end there.

How far in advance should we contact/book you?

I only have my schedule open for booking about 1-2 months in advance. If you inquire about a date farther out, you will be waitlisted in a first-come, first-serve order, if I can serve your needs and feel that we are a good fit. I won't guarantee any availability until my schedule is open for booking.

This sounds incredible! How do we book?

Hurray! I can’t wait to meet you and plan your session! To book, simply send an inquiry my way through my Contact page, and I’ll be in touch ASAP with next steps. I do require a signed contract and a retainer to secure your date, but in the case of illness, trip postponements, or bad weather, we can chat about rescheduling your session.

Ready to Begin?